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There was a Universiade in the university of Dubna at the beginning of april. It was held as a championship among students at the age of 17 to 22 from university of Dubna, organizations of professional education in Moscow region, and other subjects of RF and consisted of 2 parts: the qualifying (in absentia) and the main, final. According to the results of competition winners were awarded diplomas and certificates participants. Gregory Baev, the director of the school, the author of major projects in the field of technology business, and I were discussing the same questions about the certificates to the participants on the meeting of the organizers of the Third BMSTU Summer School of Engineering Business KLIPPER 2015.

Gregory Baev made a presentation of the school, and told about where and when first two schools had passed, what should be this year. And I tried to figure out whether are girls and guys needed our new engineering future. I was overwhelming questions to them, asking pretty Nastya to solo. But people didn’t reveal the soul, until the provocative question of whether those who present wants to earn a lot of money. The answer was simple as the puck on the ice – a forest of hands. In addition, the talk about who and how makes money today, showed that we had found common theme with the audience . By the way, Vladislav Dorofeev, one of the most respected representatives of business journalism in Russia, opened significant evolutionary mechanism of the development of any society on the Second Summer School in Tver: the gist is that the entrepreneur – the salt of the world. Nowadays I am staying in the same conviction – entrepreneurs and business – the foundation of any society. And on this note we invited those present to volunteer for school and Gregory Baev wrote a few names in his notebook.

A little bit later, at the meeting with the university authorirties Gregory and I recorded wishes and gave explanation of training and school programs. And then, there was a detailed discussion with our collegues of where and how the participants will be accommodated school, where will be the main workshops and panel discussions, and on what production plants we can arrange tours.


At Special Economic Zone DUBNA we were meeted by Sergey Dobromyslov, one of the chief officers of the zone, and firstly, he  led us to the exhibition hall. It was really interesting there: after the layout area there were explanations of its development, and then you can not just get to know “card” of residents – but most of the stands were really complemented by innovative products.

вот бы попасть на такое предприятие

And then, in the office of Special Zone founder Alexander Rats there was an acquaintance with the plans of future development. It turned out, that the preparation for the VII student of scientific and technical school “Human Resourses of the Future” has just started recently. It will be held from 5 to July 12, 2015 at the University “Dubna” and its participants will be about 100 senior students of Russian universities. The main form of training at school, according to the organizers , will be project method. Prominent and respected scientists and experts, as well as leaders of innovative companies will speak to the participants of school. And, as in the school Clipper BMSTU, the participants in courses will be able to visit companies of SEZ “Dubna” and the enterprise of scientific-industrial complex of the city.

Perhaps this is a great success – to combine 2 formats of learning almost at the same time. Perhaps schools will gain sinegriya – (from the Greek συνεργία – “acting together”) – increasing their potential. Perhaps communication of schools students, experts, scholars and business representatives will help to understand the youth of today better.

Московское море у ДубныProbably, everybody will be enjoying Moscow sea, and taking photos near a giant sculpture of  Lenin.

Ленин в Дубне

Baev and I got into enchanting atmosphere of this spring, didn’t want to say good bye to the city of science.  But we leave not for a long time : we will come to test the business climate and to conduct a study of small innovative enterprises in May again. Because school KLIPPER, wherever it took place, helps to create the enterprise of the future.

And we strive to ensure that all participants understand the importance of the moment – a new economy is forming in our great power. Not by chance, Vladislav Dorofeev keeps repeating: Business environment needs the truth, it necessarily needs the positive and constructiveness. Because, for example, the opening of metallurgical plant –is a great positive! Certainly, organizers of School KLIPPER will try to sent this positive to all participants of the school and, perhaps, to Dubna University and the city. After all, a great slogan placed on the official website of the city – Dubna Science City – a city of success!

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