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In the publication “INVISIBLE LEADERS” («Vedomosti – Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal», 05.12.2006, No. 229 (1756)) Andrew Kuzmichov wrote about the book “Hidden Champions”, written by German researcher Hermann Simon. Simon has spent over 20 years studying the activities of small and medium-sized world-class companies. At the core of such firms, according to the Professor, is strong leadership, “which sets ambitious goals, which in turn define and drive internal competence of the firm”. Into the inner circle he placed “carefully selected and motivated staff, continuous innovation in product and service, as well as relying on the company’s own resources.” In the outer circle, according to the author, is “narrow market focus (relating to product/technology/application), proximity to the client, a distinct competitive advantage” and global orientation. Another feature of such companies is their average age (65 years). The oldest firm champion has been founded in 1753, and 7.6% of “hidden champions” are over 150 years old. Many of these firms have a global market share of 70-90% – items can  be reached only by large multinational firms. Remarkably, 76.5% of the firms identified by Simon, are «family enterprises». Our expert and partner Dmitry Danshov, “Mehanika” Company Group’s General Director introduced us to Riccardo Vaccari, Are Sales Manager of Italian “hidden champion”, family-owned company Euroricambi, engaged in the development and production of components and spare parts for transmissions, gearboxes, axles, differentials. Interviewing Dmitry Danshov and Riccardo Vaccari, we tried to find out how the “hidden champion” concept, according to Simon, corresponds to a real Italian company.

KLIPPER testimonials

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Very soon Summer School of Engineering Entrepreneurship KLIPPER 2015 will open its doors. Wait quite a bit!

In anticipation of this event we wrote a lot of useful material that could have more to tell about our school: it is excursion to the SEZ Dubna (the place of the second track KLIPPER 2015), it is the feedback from participants of previous years, finally, we presented to you promotional video of the school 2015 in which we succinctly and clearly tell you about upcoming events!

Also, we offer you to familiarize yourself with that section of our website as a “mass media about the school”. There you will find the most interesting generalized information about our engineering school of yesteryear.

You are already familiar with it? But that’s not all.
Especially to those who suffer new material, new information, in order to reinforce their curiosity and exceed the best expectations, we offer you to look at our report, in which the participants and experts of KLIPPER 2014 share their impressions about the school!

So you’re never left with a good engineering brain. In business, without business. May God be with you.

Dmitry Zimin
Founder and honorary President of “VimpelCom”,
the founder of the Dynasty Foundation

Reviews in English: 3:20 – 4:40

Video material: Pavel Zolotarev

Projects Presentations 2014

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Below is a list of teams and projects on which they worked. Expert jury assessed final presentations and  scored the teams (points indicated in the table). Via links you can find presentation slides and project summaries.

Team Name Members Project Name Points Links
Suspicious (Mniteli) Dmitry Sidov, Bauman University; Vadim Ljagatšov, Tallinn University of Technology; Gregory Shishkov, Stanislav Isupov and Sofia Bastaeva of Tver State University Robot Lyolik for collecting strawberries 45 Slides


VADAV Anton Smirnov, Anton Vaytsehovsky, Tomsk Polytechnic University; Vlada Kovalenko, North Federal University; Dmitry Stepanov, Valentina Haiduk, Tver State University Roboline – online community for robotics components sale 39 Slides


United Nations of KLIPPER Danil Vityazev, Moscow University; Andrea Schulze, University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, Germany; Mark Ozoline, Tver State Medical Academy; Alexei Mefodichev, Bauman University; Regina Efremova Izhevsk State Technical University FIRO – robot firefighter assistant 36 Slides


Robotix Group Shushanna Hakobjanyan, Julia Ilyanok, Anna Kvasihina, Bauman University; Timur Antonenko ITMO; Sergei Lonchakov, Moscow University Robotix – universal robotic platform for the delivery of staff 34.5 Slides


SanitarOff Paul Kurbatskii, Alexander Bondarenko, Bauman University; Elena Lavrentjeva Izhevsk State Technical University; Andrew Beglyarov, Moscow Contruction University; Nadezhda Andreeva, Tver State University Robot Sanitarushka for paralyzed, elderly people and temporarily immobilized 34 Slides


Bauman University Rector Speech

Анатолий Александров Summer School of Engineering Entrepreneurship KLIPPER organized by Bauman University unites students from universities around the world. School main task is to combine in projects experience of engineers and managers, prepare their own project and commercialize the technology. I hope that Summer school will test the basic competence of future engineers, and the acquired experience will successfully build a new great Russia!


Noritsugu Uemura Speech

Noritsugu Uemura, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Corporate Executive, Government & External Relation Div. Senior General Manager

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