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Ryazan city – the administrative, industrial and cultural center of Russia, located in the northwest of the Ryazan region.

The city was founded in 1095. Originally it was called Pereyaslavl Ryazan. The modern name city received several centuries later, as a worthy successor to the heroic capital of ancient Russian Ryazan principality destroyed by Tatar-Mongols. With its rich history, it is attractive for its architectural monuments, among which the Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve “Ryazan Kremlin”. Its ensemble – is seventeen monuments of history and architecture.

Historical Overview

It was first mentioned in chronicles in 1095. In those years, the city was called “Pereyaslavl Ryazan”.  it became The capital of the Ryazan principality in the late 14th century. Former capital, which was destroyed during the Mongol invasion, became called as the Old Ryazan.

Ryazan province was founded in 1778 and by the decree of Empress Catherine II Pereslavl-Ryazan got a shorter name Ryazan. At the end of the XVIII century it had a stable economic situation, trade and crafts flourished. Seminary, printing house, public school, opera and drama theater were opened. After the formation of the Ryazan region in 1937, the city became its administrative center.

In the early 40-ies Ryazan became a major industrial center. During the Great Patriotic thousands Ryazantsev fought on all fronts, and the remaining inhabitants of the whole region strengthened rear, working in factories and fields. Only in the regional center was produced more than two hundred kinds of industrial products. In memory of Ryazantsev, the heroes of the front and rear, in the center of Ryazan a monument was installed and eternal flame was lit.

After the war, the economy of region was rapidly recovered, appeared new industries: light and food, agricultural machinery, building materials industry. Many existing mills and factories were reconstructed and technically rearmed.

Ryazan region – an old industrial region with a diversified complex, on its territory there are large and high-tech enterprises, for example, the plant “Shinglas” (“Technonikol” enterprise), the company “Light production engineering”.

Today Ryazan is not only the industrial, but also a major scientific and cultural center, where carefully preserved the rich heritage of the past.

In 2015, Ryazan noted 920 anniversary.

Interesting fact: ✓Ryazan – the friendliest city in Russia. That is why it has a lot of twin cities, they are Lovech (Bulgaria), Münster (Germany), Bressuire (France), Xuzhou (China), Alessandria (Italy), Ostrow Mazowiecka (Poland) and New Athos (Abkhazia).



The history of the Ryazan Institute (branch) of the Moscow Polytechnic University started in 1956. It was originally created as a training and consulting center All-Union Correspondence Polytechnic Institute. Its opening was prompted by an acute shortage of Ryazan and the Ryazan region of highly qualified specialists for the rapidly developing industry.

The objective of preparation of such professionals was standing in front of AUCPI the historical successor to the traditions of the first in Russia, the Moscow National University, established in 1908 at the initiative of famous public figures, including gold mines, gen. Shanyavsky, chairman of the Russian government, PA Stolypin, the Minister of War Earl DA Milutin.

In the Polytechnic Institute there is the parlor of Alexander Stepanovich Ershov (1818-1867), laid the foundation for higher technical education in Russia, the founder of the Moscow Higher Technical School. He studied in the building of this branch of MAMI in 1831-1835 years, when the first men’s gymnasium was located here.

Modern Ryazan Polytech – a system of two educational buildings and a scientific laboratory, which technical equipment provides an effective learning process and contributes to the formation of professional skills, as all students are required to learn at least one – two ‘workers’ profession.  There is an institute’s information network, a large library, free Internet access, a quality management system efficiently works. Today, there are trained more than 3,000 students in the faculties of day, evening and distance learning.

Polytechnic – a sign of the quality of education, a symbol of success, reputation, traditions, modernity and prospects!

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